The purpose of this benchmarking database tool is to allow laboratory owners to compare the performance of their laboratory facilities to similar facilities and thereby help identify potential energy cost savings opportunities. The tool will allow benchmarking with energy use metrics (e.g. BTU/sf/yr) as well as system efficiency metrics (e.g. W/cfm).

To benchmark a facility, you will need to input facility characteristics (e.g. lab type, gross area) and energy use data (e.g. annual electricity use). Although measured data is preferred, estimated data may also be provided. The data you provide will remain anonymous to other users of the database.

Note: You will be prompted for a username and password in order to enter data and benchmark your lab. You may input data over multiple sessions. If you only wish to view the data, without inputing data for your lab, login is not required.

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Comparative Analysis of Data

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Version 1.5 Release Notes.